Market Data Centre is a market research report company which provides qualitative and quantities market study in many sectors from agriculture to aerospace domains. They offer a syndicated market solution to the stakeholders as well as business organizations.

Yes, we provide the sample copy of our research reports that contain a complete overview of the report. You can ask us for the sample copy of multiple reports. Just click on Request Sample tab and fill your details the sample report is been sent to you.

Yes, report customization facility is available here, the report is been modified as per the client’s need. To get our customized report our research team will check the feasibility of your requirements and approach you to give the best solution. We offer 10% rebate on customization.

The license is nothing but the regulations for distribution rights of the report delivery. Market Data Centre provide five types of licenses discussed below.

  • Online only: this type grants access of report to only one person on electronic in this type the report cannot be downloaded or stored in your system.
  • Single-user License: This license is granted to use for only one person and it cannot be shared to another person.
  • 1-5 User License: In this type, the license allows sharing among five people within the organization which has purchased that particular report.
  • 1-10 User License: This type of license grants access of report to a maximum of 10 people within the organization.
  • Site License: In this type, the report access is granted to be shared within the organization at one location only.
  • Enterprise License: This type enables access of the report to all the employees of an organization its subsidiary companies and the other organizations of the same group.

We offer two methods for payment

  • Online Payment: For online orders, we accept Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, and Diner’s Club.
  • Bank Wire Transfer: you can make your payment through cheque or bank wire transfer.
  • You can also pay through Authorize.Net & PayPal.

Yes, the online payment method is a definitely secure method with Market Data Centre. We collect some important information from our clients and confirm the authentication of the information. While placing an order you provide your credit card details to our website that information is absolutely secure with us as it is been stored in encrypted format to safeguard your account and guarantee your privacy. We are also taking care to avoid the card fraud; most of our online transactions use the CVV number that is last three digits of on your card.

The reports are available in PDF, PPT/ Spreadsheet form depending upon client’s requirement.

At Market Data Centre, we generally do not sell individual sections from the report as it may fail to deliver the explicit context of the research or provide an exact overview of the market. However, in some cases, we provide selected chapters as per the client’s requirement.

The report is delivered to you after post payment confirmation, within 24-48 hours. Please make a note that if you place your order at a weekend or holiday your order might delay. For more details Contact our sales representative sales@marketdatacentre.comShipping products are delivered within 5-7 working days after payment confirmation.

As our products contain very useful and informative data we do not accept cancellation of products clients are requested to read our privacy policy and terms of use before placing an order. Hence the order cannot be canceled and refunded once the product is dispatched.